War Ensemble BBS

War Ensemble BBS
BBS Name: War Ensemble BBS
SysOp(s): DaiTengu
Telnet Address: warensemble.com
Telnet Port: 23
SSH Address: warensemble.com
SSH Port: 22
Dial-up Number: 920-840-6311
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: Synchronet
BBS Description/Comments:

War Ensemble BBS has been around in one form or another since 1993
We host a fully registered Tradewars Game Server with multiple
games running (and more added upon request), dozens of doors, and
a file area large enough to make your hard drive scream in horror!

Our hundreds of message areas include Fidonet echos, Newsgroups
and local message bases. All are accessible via the BBS, web,
NNTP or even gopher!

We’re actively engaged and working on the BBS quite often, and are
happy to add anything you would like to see! Come check us out!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarEnsembleBBS/
Twitter: @WarEnsembleBBS

Dialup number: 920.840.6311

Location: Appleton, WI, USA
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