Reign of Fire BBS
BBS Name: Reign of Fire BBS
SysOp(s): Spitfire
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 2300
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Workbench 3.1 040 AGA
BBS Software: C-Net/5 Amiga Pro
Hardware Details: Dial-Up: (931) 494-9100
BBS Description/Comments:

This is an emulated Amiga BBS running the latest C-Net Amiga Pro BBS software. This BBS offers 5 FTN Networks: FidoNet, RetroNet, CommodoreNet, AmigaNet and ArakNet. We also have hundreds of on-line games. Some from the 90’s and even new ones made in 2018-19. More new games to come!!
You can always count on this BBS being around. We surpassed 9 years on telnet and counting. We are one of the first boards to see new up-dates and games thanks to Dotoran and Phenom Productions.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
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