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A 80’s Apple II BBS
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6502
BBS Software: GBBS Pro

Real BBS – Real Apple II – Real 5.25 Disks

A 80’s Apple II BBS is running on a real Apple IIe with real 5.25 Duodisk. The Software is GBBS Pro V1.2 DOS3.3 – developed at the beginning 1980’s.

This is a real Apple II BBS, a real BBS with the hardware setup from the beginning 80’s – the Apple, the disks, the clock card a.s.o. … nothing is built past 1984.

You will have to wait from time to time till the disks have uploaded the data. You will have to understand how a board developed at the beginning 80’s works. And then … you will be a member of an exclusive group of people who share information and knowledge on the board and who enjoy this great feeling of the real BBS-Style!

The 8 Bit Wiki Board – where to find all about and all for your classic computer.

Cloud Service for all classic computer.

The War Games Game.

ASCII Art Gallery.

Moreover are a lot of VisiCalc sheets for download offered.

Enjoy the board!

Brewery BBS
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6400
BBS Software: GBBS Pro

Heavily modified GBBS Pro system running on real Apple //e hardware.

Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6359
BBS Software: GBBS Pro

The board runs on an Apple IIe with GBBS Pro software (modified). It accelerated with Fast Chip IIe and CFFA 3000 cards; if you want to see an old Apple IIe fly at 16.6 MHz and 9600 baud, check it out.

It originally ran from 1986-1993 and was restored from backup disks in 2016. It supports ProTERM, ANSI and text displays.

The Lower Planes
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
SSH Address:
SSH Port: 22
BBS Software: SuperBBS

All those years ago, wanted to keep using my IIgs, so I put up a BBS on a PC clone and away we went. II & GS files, online games, message areas.