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1st – Wrong Number ][
SysOp(s): Bucko
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6404
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Image 1.2b (With telnet enhancements)
Hardware Details: C64, Thunderdrive, Firedrive
BBS Description/Comments:

The original WN2 from 1994 back online. PFiles, MFiles, TFiles, Large UD Library

Location: Lakeland, FL
2nd – Wrong Number ][ 2.0
SysOp(s): Bucko
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6405
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Image BBS (2.0)
Hardware Details: Dual Thunderdrive SX64, BBS Server
BBS Description/Comments:

The only Image 2.0 BBS in existence online.

Location: Lakeland, FL, USA
8-Bit Boyz BBS
SysOp(s): PalKat
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6502
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Windows
BBS Software: Mystic
Hardware Details: VM running dual core, 2gig ram, 9+ TB storage, Windows
BBS Description/Comments:

8-Bit Boyz BBS is this websites official BBS! Offering fsxNet, FidoNet, RetroNet, CNet message networks, inter bbs games and more!

Location: Rio Rancho, NM
A 80’s Apple II BBS
SysOp(s): P_Clarkson
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6502
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Apple II
BBS Software: GBBS Pro
Hardware Details: Apple IIe
BBS Description/Comments:

Real BBS – Real Apple II – Real 5.25 Disks

A 80’s Apple II BBS is running on a real Apple IIe with real 5.25 Duodisk. The Software is GBBS Pro V1.2 DOS3.3 – developed at the beginning 1980’s.

This is a real Apple II BBS, a real BBS with the hardware setup from the beginning 80’s – the Apple, the disks, the clock card a.s.o. … nothing is built past 1984.

You will have to wait from time to time till the disks have uploaded the data. You will have to understand how a board developed at the beginning 80’s works. And then … you will be a member of an exclusive group of people who share information and knowledge on the board and who enjoy this great feeling of the real BBS-Style!

The 8 Bit Wiki Board – where to find all about and all for your classic computer.

Cloud Service for all classic computer.

The War Games Game.

ASCII Art Gallery.

Moreover are a lot of VisiCalc sheets for download offered.

Enjoy the board!

Location: Hanover, , Germany
A 90’s Manila BBS
SysOp(s): Balky
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

The System Operator’s primary motivation in running this BBS is to have fun in retro computing. He exerted effort to make this BBS give you a mid-1990’s BBSing experience. FsxNet and Fidonet echo mail areas are available here. Popular door games such as (but not limited to) LORD, LORD2, Global War, etc., can be played here.

Location: Singapore, , Singapore
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 2300
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Wilcat!
BBS Description/Comments:

Over 30+ Registered Door Games like LORD, TW2002, And More. Over 540,000 Files available in Downloads. Large Selection of BBS System Software and Online Doors. All Night Owl, Simtel, and Walnut Creek BBS CD-ROM Loaded on System. Duke Nukem, Doom I/II, Hexen, Commander Keen and more. FULL ACCESS ON FIRST CALL

Location: Kansas City, MO, USA
Alcoholiday BBS
SysOp(s): zeroreader
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: Mystic
Hardware Details: Raspberry Pi 2
BBS Description/Comments:

Due to abuse of the system by a user who apparently has nothing better to do than troll bulletin boards, we’ve had to implement a rotating new user password.

Current new user password: FR33B33R

Alcoholiday BBS! Est. 1995, reborn in 2001, and born yet again in 2015. Running Mystic on a Raspberry Pi 2, a dozen message nets, three stylish themes (custom art by Blocktronics, Impure and more). “The online cyber keg party.”

Alcoholiday is not an “art board” per se, but a board that appreciates good art — both of the “Amiga ASCII” and CP437 ANSI variety. Our main theme is called “Danger Girl” and is inspired by deadly women of comic books.

“The West Gate” is Alcoholiday’s more mystical alter-ego, based on the symbolism of Freemasonry, and is available as a theme at login. We also have a “Minimal” theme that is purely ASCII-based for ease of use with non-ANSI terminal clients, and limited mobile apps.

Alcoholiday has very few file areas, as we believe the spirit of the traditional bulletin board is within its message bases. However we are an official iMPURE Ascii distribution site, and we do feature a handful of unique file bases for retro esotericism.

We suggest Netrunner or Syncterm for the best experience. Both clients will automagically change fonts so ASCII resembles its traditional Amiga font, and ANSI blocks are represented properly. The browser-based terminal below will also work, but results may vary.

Alcoholiday wouldn’t exist without the help and support of a few folks: Caphood, Jack Phlash, Griskokare, Luciano, g00r00, Avon, Metalhead, Gryphon, H7, Skuz, Shooter, Weatherman, and many others.

Be sure to follow Alcoholiday on Twitter @alcoholidaybbs as I post all sorts of BBS-related stuff there.

-Zero Reader
Networks carried:

– AgoraNet (46:1/166)
– ZeroNet (911:1803/0)
– DoRENet (44:100/1)
– DOVE-Net
– Survival Net (9:91/18)
– fsxNet (21:1/113)
– FidoNet (1:123/525)
– WWIVnet-FTN (11:1/202)
– VKRadioNet (432:1/103)
– RetroNet (80:774/8)
– CyberNet (40:200/20)
– Usenet
Home of several Python scripts by Zero Reader:

– Solar-Terrestrial Data
– Raspberry Pi System Info
– Google Trends (ported to Python from Frost’s original script)
– TopBox (The weekend’s top-grossing films)
– Local weather/Moon phase conditions
– Trump Tweets (For fun… not a political statement)
– RSS Robot for dumping RSS feeds into message bases
– Drunken Quotes
– And more…

Location: Columbia, SC, USA
Back to the Future BBS
SysOp(s): outatime
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: x/84
BBS Description/Comments:

Dial Up: 1 978 822 2586

BBSes are a return to the past, just like our favorite time travel movie. BTTTFBBS is a playground for Linux and Python experiments. Features a dial-out modem (call out to dial-up BBSes or information services), some local and networked games, and whatever features the sysop feels like developing.

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Basement BBS
SysOp(s): John Polka
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 9000
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Atari
BBS Software: BBS Express Pro
BBS Description/Comments:

The Basement BBS was originally online from 1986 through 1998. The BBS was run on an Atari 800XL. On July 4, 2017, the Basement BBS returned online via telnet. The version that you can now telnet to was pieced together with backup floppy disks from 1990 through 1993.

The BBS includes restored messages/message bases from 1990 through 1993, some restored file sections, 21 online games, and lots of customization.

For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or a telnet client that supports ATASCII (Atari Mode). One such client is Syncterm. Syncterm is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, etc. You can download Syncterm here.

The Basement's telnet address is: port 9000 (IP Address: port 9000).

If you rather not use a telnet client, then you can log in using a web client available at:

Location: Portland, OR, USA
Before The Web
SysOp(s): Dallas Vinson
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23232
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Windows 10
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

Member of the following Networks:
SFnet - 42:256/2
fsxnet - 21:4/102

Location: Huntsville/AL/USA

The 8-Bit Boyz BBS Directory is an active BBS list of both Telnet and Dial-Up accessible Bulletin Board Systems on the Internet! Each system in our directory includes a detailed description about the system.  In today’s world you can access any BBS from any type of computer and operating system using software the internet Telnet protocol all for free!

How to connect to a BBS (Bulletin Board System) on your current desktop is simple. All you need is a terminal program and the address along with the port number of the BBS your wanting to visit! You can download SyncTerm (a BBS Terminal program to connect to a BBS) for your Windows, Mac or Linux machine from the SyncTerm Website here!


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